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I Cannot Sit Still

25 May

I have never been able to sit still.  I hate it.  I am not patient, and do not sleep well at night.  I think I am always afraid to miss something.

I cannot explain it very well, but often I get this overpowering desire to travel.  Note that this desire was not cured by my 9 day honeymoon to St. Martin, nor my future plans to go to Austin, Rosemary Beach or Charleston.  I need more.

I am slightly afraid that I am one of those people that are never happy being in one place.  I always want to be someplace else- in a cabin in the mountains, beautiful crystal clear water beaches or a cafe in Paris.  This urge has only increased since I have become part of the mass workforce, sitting at my desk all day, with only a pretty view to appease me. 

I am happy to know I am not alone.  My favorite writer, John Steinbeck, felt the same way.  In Travels with Charley, Steinbeck documents his journey with his standard poodle, Charley, across the United States in a camper.  He also had the incurable travel itch that I believe must have haunted him (like me) throughout his life.

I would recommend the book to really anyone, even my husband who reads very dry “self help books” (how to become a better lawyer, etc.)  It is one of those rare books that gets under your skin, and you keep thinking about it. 

I, too, would love to travel the United States as Steinbeck did, with my Charlie, except the poodle would be replaced with chihuahuas.  Until then, I will be staring out my window and thinking of all of the fabulous places that I am not going.


Words of Advice to my Unborn Niece

17 May

It is a crazy thing when your younger sister is pregnant.  The excitement is overwhelming, but it is also so strange to think that your sissy, who you use to steal clothes from and give dating advice, is now going to have a little girl of her own. 

Little Adelaide will no doubt spend lots of time with her Tante Sis and Uncle Charlie in New Orleans.  I just hope we can be good role models, and keep her out of our wine stash.  I hope we can be who she comes to for advice when her mom and dad just won’t understand.  This is what I will tell her…

1. Don’t pick a career simply because you are good at it.  Pick something you will love.  Don’t be too practical about it.

2. Travel often when you are young and still look good in a bathing suit. 

3. Date many different types of people and do not ever settle.  You want to one day be able to tell the person you will marry that you have tried many things out and that he (or she) is the best thing you will ever find.  That way you will never regret your choice.

4. Be nice to everyone. Don’t pick on the smaller or different kids, those who collect fossils.  They may one day grow up to be wonderful people, just like Uncle Charlie. 

5. Be independent and never afraid to speak your mind.  Live on your own and learn to do things for yourself.  

Until then, we will anxiously await your arrival. 

Love,  Tante Sis

My So Called Single Life

12 May

So my husband has been out of town for a few days.  Even though I am now married, I still consider myself somewhat of a token single girl.  Prior to my first magical meeting with Charlie outside of contracts class at LSU law, I had been a very single person for many years.

Even though it takes a little more getting use to, I still love being alone.  I never get bored or lonely.  Not to say I don’t miss my husband, I just really like my time.

My mother in law asked me the other day what I have been doing with myself since Charlie has been away? Easy, reverting back to my old single habits…

Eating soup for dinner, happy hour with my girlfriends, and tons of super trashy television, because I can.  Oh, and also sharing my bed with my favorite raisin face…

This is not much different from my prior single life, except that included smoking cigarettes in the bathtub and listening to Billy Holiday. 

My house is dirty, clothes are not clean and there are little chihuahua hair dust bunnies everywhere. 

However, the dark chocolate box of candies is much lighter and my mind is filled with enough reality television to get me through the first few days when Charlie returns.

This Ol House

3 May

I have a deep and undying love for old homes. 

My mom grew up on a plantation home in Donaldsonville, Louisiana.  Palo Alto plantation. 

When my grandparents were still alive, the home was the location for some of my most special and guarded childhood memories.  Together with my bff cousins, we enjoyed easter egg hunts, Christmas parties,  horse back riding, staying up late, and sneaking downstairs early in the morning to find my Momo and Bubba making eggs, coffee, and sausage.  It was the only time I ever saw my well coiffed grandmother with her hair down. 

To this day, the smell of a pipe, old wood and baking biscuits brings me back.  It is an undescribable feeling, and something I was so lucky to experience.

Although my grandparents are now gone, I still have a profound love for old homes.   There is something about the mystery and untold stories that an old home has, it gives me chills. 

 When Charlie and I started looking for a place to call home, it was not even a question that said home had to be old.  Luckily, we live in a city where old homes are easy to come by. 

When we found our 1890’s victorian, I was sold.  La maison qui chante.  We put in an offer the next day and never looked back. 

It is true, old homes are drafty, difficult to fix and altogether moody.  But I would not change Calhoun Street for the world.  I have been called an old soul before, and I always take it as a complement.  My soul is just like my home, full of stories and a love for things past. 

 Charlie and I cannot wait to build memories in our home, adding to the story it will one day tell its new owners.  Hopefully, they can be as special as the memories my family and I have on the porch at Palo Alto.