The Woman With You

7 Jul

On the eve of my 30th birthday, I am driving home after a particularly hard day.  A failed  stressful mediation, a disconcerted client, a wrong turn onto the causeway bridge making me 10 min late for the failed mediation and an awkward email to my boss in which I confessed that I left my suit jacket at said mediation and could he bring it to the office for me?  You know, living the life of a successful, independent career oriented woman.  

On the radio played a legitimately cheese country song by Kenney Chesney, yet a certain verse caught my attention

She said the girl I was with the business degree probably wouldn’t recognize me.
I was going around the bank.
I was going to run them out.
Now all I want to run is a bubble bath.
Back then you know I had this plan.
Before all of this reality set in.
Here comes life boy ready or not.
Hey I wanted it all and that’s what I got.

Somehow, this sums up how I feel on the eve of my 30th year completely… ready to give up on my big dreams of a law career and retire to tend to my garden, cook for my husband and just enjoy life.

My very wise grandmother informed me this weekend that one feels old at 30 and later peaks again at age 40+.  I am anxiously awaiting that peak and scorning the naive 22 year old that truly wanted to run the world.  What is it about year 30 that makes one happy with the idea of a simpler, less stressful life?

So happy 30th birthday to me, and I look forward to celebrate it knowing the things that truly matter to me- friends, family and stiff dirty martinis.  


2 Responses to “The Woman With You”

  1. Meg July 8, 2011 at 12:20 am #

    Oh nonsense. 30 is great! You can borrow my motto “30 is the new college.” I’ve acted just so.

    Then again, that did leave me knocked up 😉 so you may want to be careful.

  2. burningitdown July 8, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Ditto. And happy birfday!

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