10 Aug

I am a horrible blogger! It is true.  I think I have been avoiding blogging because I feel, well, uninteresting lately.  In many ways a legal career zaps the creativity out of a person.  

It also makes me think of all of the cool, creative things I am not.  Like a dancer, specifically a ballerina.  I think dance is such an amazing form of self expression.  Yet, besides occasional Zumba classes for exercise, it is just something I don’t have.  Also, French. French women appear so mysterious, dramatic and interesting.  Instead, I am an open book.  

Perhaps an amazing singer, painter, photographer, heiress?  Those things are genetic, so in the end I really blame my parents.

Obviously, I should have been some kind of organic farmer.  I can imagine nothing better then wandering through lush vegetable gardens, feeding animals, cooking simple yet nourishing meals and sitting on my front porch drinking and watching the sunset.  Except maybe being a ballerina.  



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  1. sucoopr August 10, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    You are many things my darling, but dull and uninteresting, you are not. I have come to accept that I will never be a great artist or famous singer, etc. But that is okay. I am happy with the quiet, little joys in life- a smile, a kind gesture, and reading your blogs. I guess this is what age brings to us.

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