31 Aug

Today is a very special day.  It is my husband’s birthday, and his first birthday as a married person.  I could go on forever about how my husband is the most wonderful person ever.  He certainly is.  But I think he knows I feel that way.  Instead, I want to tell everyone about the things that make him special to me.

1. He accepts my quirkiness and is the only person I know who can match it.

2. He loves his family.

3. He encouraged me to keep my maiden name because he “fell in love with Jenny Cooper.”

4.  He is afraid of caterpillars but can walk into a room where he does not know anyone and charm the pants (or dress) off of every single person in the room- young and old.  He is certainly fearless in that way.

5. He pulled a towel up next to me on the bathroom floor when I had food poisoning.

6. He is the only person who has never once given me the ick. I never get sick of him and would spend every moment of my day with him.

7. He loves my independence.

8. He coaxed Coco Chanel Cooper Thomas (a very stubborn and surly chihuahua) into falling in love with him by singing to her.  It took a year, but she waits for him at the door to come home.

9. He loves to silly dance when no one is watching.

10.  He picked me for forever.

Happy Birthday, to my favorite pie.


2 Responses to “8.31.11”

  1. burningitdown August 31, 2011 at 11:12 am #

    Awwww…sweet Char Char – Happy birthday! Now, if he could only convince J-ston to come around to that way of thinking re: number 3!

  2. sue cooper August 31, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    Aw, and remember I picked him out for you and to be my son-in-law the first time I saw him!
    I love you both so very much, quirkiness and all!


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