Mad for Hats

27 Apr

I wonder if it would be appropriate to wear a hat to my deposition on Friday in honor of the royal wedding?   It should be noted that the deposition is at the same New Orleans law firm whose secretary assumed I was the court reporter on my last deposition visit.  I had to pick up my jaw from the ground to find the words to tell her… “no, I represent xyz insurance company.”

 My mother lovingly noted it is because I am too pretty and well dressed to be an attorney.  Thanks, marms. 

Perhaps with a hat the same ignorant secretary would assume I am the beloved, soon to be british princess?


Things that are inspiring me lately

26 Apr

There are a few random things that have inspired  me lately… they simply get under my skin, and I cannot stop thinking about them…

First, this Marc Jacobs dress.  I love the idea of wearing it on a return trip to St. Martin, the spot of our wonderful honeymoon. 

Next, the tiny dog who has captured my heart and made me think, a third one is not so bad? He is simply adorable. 

And, this super cool little car… I love it.  I cannot shake the feeling that after my current one goes, this is exactly what I will want. A Fiat! Very European chic. 

And last but not least, a trip here with my husband. 

I am craving the excitement of NYC, and the feeling you get from walking around such an electric place.  I think the craving is from the ho hum of returning to work after two weeks of newlywed bliss. 

Le sigh, as I sip my coffee and return to the stack in my inbox.

The making of jennycooperthomas, a love story

21 Apr

I can only conclude that opposites truly do attract.  Lucy and Desi,  Dharma and Greg, Sunny and Cher, Jenny Cooper and Charlie Thomas.  Our courtship and resulting marriage is one of compromise (?) but more so learning to live with someone who is so  opposite from you.

Charlie, a Metairie born and reared guy who is very against waffles or any kind of liquid without a top in his car…

Moi, a free spirit who does not understand why waffles cannot be eaten in the car, and one who came into the relationship with these two little guys…

We met, fell in love, and four years later I am now Jenny Cooper Thomas-

This blog is simply my life, and the story of fights about waffles in the car, arguments over adoption of a third dog, our life and all of the love and happiness that goes along with it.  Much ado about nothing.